Hacking Bluetooth devices with BLE:bit

Use BLE:Bit tool to PenTest IoT devices. We provide full guidance and an android app for the lazy ones.

Pentest IoT with BLE:Bit

  • Use BLE:Bit to pentest new IoT devices.
  • We provide a full guide for Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Receive Guidance for SDK and Android Application
  • BLE:Bit is currently the state of the art in Bluetooth Low Energy
  • With BLE:Bit It’s easier to explore and PenTest BLE devices than ever before! Let us guide you

Control BLE:bit with an android app

  • Stop spending time on setting up complicated environments
  • Start a Java Server (jar file) and have the mobile app connected to the server
  • The Java Server controls the BLE:Bit device – it can be placed on a computer or even on a low-power consumption device (i.e raspberry pi/zero)!
  • Hacking is as easy as a swipe
  • Apply replay attacks
  • Save or restore a captured session
  • Alter the data before re-transmission with a single click

Sharpen your skills

  • We supply vulnerable devices
  • Multiple BLE vulnerabilities are simulated
  • Gain access to material that will guide you on how to properly PenTest BLE-enabled devices
  • Sharpen your skills with actual hands-on experience

Learn Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Don’t waste your time only on theory and start learning by doing
  • BLE:Bit is accompanied with learning material
  • We offer in-depth training on BLE Protocol via our BLE Handbook

Technical Specifications

Hacking BLE Smart Lock

Norec Attack (CVE-2020-15509) found with BLE:Bit